US Navy Woman Veteran

Nissa Salas was invaluable in my decision to submit my claim to the VA for a service connected disability. I have a disability already but changes to my condition had taken place over several years. I had sought medical attention through the VA and spoken to several Dr.’s about it. I was told repeatedly thru the VA Dr.’s that nothing more was going to be done and not to waste my time submitting any further claims. I had mentioned this to Nissa and she told me that regardless of what any VA Dr. stated I needed to go thru the DAV and resubmit for an evaluation. After some thought I decided to go to the DAV and resubmit my claim. Nissa accompanied me to the DAV and I found out the process was much simpler and a lot less frustrating that dealing with the VA Doctors who don’t really care. I was surprised at the willingness of the DAV to help. The process was easy. Nissa followed up with me after a few days. She is awesome and I highly recommend her services, if nothing else just for support and not going alone. I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people including a WWII Vet who had never submitted any claims nor had he ever received the purple heart after losing one eye. This gentleman was amazing, I loved hearing stories about the war, his beloved wife who passed away 2 years ago and about his life after the military. It was an honor to have spent time with greatness and with a superb individual.

Preston Payne, US Navy Veteran, Juris Doctor Candidate 2019, UNT Dallas College of Law

Alec’s Angel provides an absolutely amazing service for veterans! Nissa talked me through every aspect of the process to set up my veteran disabilities claim. Then she literally walked me through the maze that is the VA Hospital to each appointment to make sure I made my appointments on time. Once we got to each appointment she would sit down next to me and ask the VA agents questions that I never would have known to ask about my veteran benefits. On top of that, she even took detailed notes while I tried my best to absorb the avalanche of information being thrown at me by the VA. Nissa took all that information and broke it down so that even an old veteran like my self could understand. Alec’s Angel nonprofit is an appropriate name because the help that is provided is truly heaven sent. I am so thankful to have received help from Alec’s Angel nonprofit and I will definitely encourage other friends that are veterans to do the same.


Daughter of a Veteran


My father is a veteran whose house is in the process of being foreclosed on and who is having some challenges paying his bills.  He was feeling down and out and like he was running out of options.   Nissa Salas of Alec’s Angel nonprofit jumped right and offered some potential solutions to address his service connected injury issues and provided him with contacts to help with his both submitting his disability claims in his area.  She even went out of the way to make the calls on his behalf to get him connected to the right people at the VA hospital, and his local American Legion.  As a result, I took a trip to see him and to file for disability benefits.  I am so grateful that organizations like Alec’s Angel are available to veterans who feel like they have now where to turn to and am grateful to Nissa for the support and assistance she provided to my father!

 Sincerely LAH


Sgt Maddings

My name is Ryan Maddings and I am a former Marine Corps Sergeant who now lives in the Austin area. Last Spring I was having some issues with my VA claims. I reached out to my friend Nissa with Alec’s Angel nonprofit in order to get assistance and insight on the VA claims process.  Nissa Salas sent me to the right person to assist me in getting my claims recognized, Sgt Mag J.B. Edwards who works at the Dallas VA Hospital.  Throughout the entire process, Nissa has either called or emailed me to check on my progress.
Sgt Maj Edwards was very attentive in assisting me with some things, taking multiple calls on and off the clock and he didn’t even have to since I am outside of his scope of his normally scheduled duties with the Dallas VA Hospital.  His character, enthusiasm, and willingness to not only give me guidance but also to review the situation with my current VA claim and also encouraging me to push forward. After years of several times of wanting to give up I didn’t, because Sgt Mag Edwards acted as a superb employee.  I noticed he is also a stellar man, a family man, a friend, a coach, a mentor and he loves his veterans.  After following just a few actions of what he had suggested I was pointed in the right direction.   Today I stand firm and followed through to get the compensation I deserve through the Veterans Business Administration and the Texas Veterans Commission.
Words cannot express the difference that Sgt Maj Edwards was willing to invest into me even though I live 3 hours away and have never met him in person.  I am so grateful that Nissa Salas with Alec’s Angel nonprofit connected me with a mentor like Sgt Maj Edwards.
SEMPER FI Alec’s Angel nonprofit and SGTMAJ EDWARDS!!!!
Once a Marine, Always a Marine!
Ryan E Maddings