People tell me all the time how they wish the plight of the Veteran was better.  They have seen in the media the statistics: over 300,000 homeless Veterans live on the streets and an estimated 24 take their lives everyday.  I believe that the general population wants to assist, but hey have absolutely no idea as to what to do.

First of all, congrats for having a kind heart if you yourself have been concerned.  Society would be a hard, cold place if no once cared for our Veterans.  After all, while you and I were wrapped up cozy in our beds, someone was watching and waiting for attacks on our country.  While we were enjoying a Christmas dinner, someone was overseas missing their family so that we could enjoy freedom, safety, and security.

After being part of the Veteran community, I noticed some fundamental ways to get involved.  First of all, real changes are made at the top.  There are organizations that go straight to Washington, D.C. to advocate changes in legislation.  Those are the Veterans of Foreign Wars ( , American Legion ( , Amvets ( and the Disabled American Veterans (   They have places in almost every major city in our nation and are the longest standing organizations (all three are over 80 years old) that do good on behalf of Veterans.  You don’t have to be a member to go visit, and you might find a place where dinner is served, beverages are offered at the bar and bingo, billiards, or darts are placed.  It is free to get in and the purchases go toward the post.  You might consider taking the family out to dinner at your nearest post instead of your local restaurant.  Call around to see which nights steak dinners, catfish fry night and other special dishes are served.  Won’t it feel better to spend your money for the good of our Veterans?

If you are eligible for membership, it is advised that you join the post.  Your membership dues go towards assisting the organization in it’s efforts and to continuing the traditions on behalf of Veterans.  Why is this important?  You need to know that Veterans are the ones who know what other Veterans deal with when they struggle.  Causes such as Post Traumatic Stress, homelessness, and other aspects such as college education and healthcare need advocates, otherwise legislators pay less and less attention.

Other organizations such as Alec’s Angel nonprofit, also focus on the support of Veterans.  Dollar for dollar, each contribution helps see another Veteran in meeting their needs, with camaraderie and advocacy down at the VA hospital.  When you donate or partner with us for fundraising you know you are offering your best for those who fought for us.  Let’s build a bigger brighter future together in honor and support of our nation’s heroes!