Sometimes we need a “swift kick” to get us set in the right direction. What was once a path to success can become an illusive dream depending on what we are experiencing in life today.  We might not believe we are close to our goals,  but that is just a feeling that is designed to challenge us. Or we might not have any goals in sight and that can bug us the most. We need to tap into our ability to dream, to strategize, learn patience and even forgiveness of ourselves and others.

The military teaches the goal,  lays out the projected plan and keeps accountability in the forefront.  You always knew there will be an end result and what is necessary to fulfill your part. You adapted and recovered and your superiors lended their expertise. The only goal you had at that time was following and or giving directions.

Now that those days are over,  you might feel lost.  You have and will always have to create your new path post military to include small and big goals.  But how do you do that when you have lost your path?