If you are related to a military Veteran, you might know that they have a different thought process.  They sometimes stand out from the pack, and can be a little challenging to get along with or understand.  Non-military people and Veterans can clash from time to time and this can happen at home, at work, or at other places.  Creating a home or a workplace can be simple, when one understands the military mind and what a Veteran really wants in terms of daily life or lifetime goals.

Veterans are tuned in to what makes the military tick.  The ideas that they were trained in are foundational to the beginnings of our country and some of those are over two hundred years old.  Once they retire or exit the military, that knowledge can be used to make a better America.  Most of the time, however the Veteran just tries to blend in because their ways can be very different than other viewpoints.  Sometimes Veterans become angry or disgruntled, making it difficult to get along because opinions are different.   If you knew what a Veteran thought, you would perhaps gain insight into character traits that are noble and just.  Most Veterans love America, and would do everything possible to protect her.

Here is a list of things that a Veteran wants:

  • a greater sense of community
  • more respect for government leaders, whether people like them or not
  • for America to get out of debt
  • less sensationalism in regards to celebrities, athletes, etc.
  • more recognition for those that have died in battle
  • for people to honor and respect the flag
  • a good life for themselves and their families

It seems that society has backwards goals when it comes to our nation.  Americans have turned towards Capitalism and ways to “look like” we are getting ahead based on all the “stuff” and things that we buy.  America has become a marketing and consumer purchasing nation, where regard for helping others has gone to the wayside. 

Veterans are old fashioned and patriotic in their views of what America should be like.  Based on the amount of personal and collective debt we are in, the number of killings in public places, and the inability to take care of our fellow man, I think it is wise that we stand up with our fellow Veteran and create a nation that we can once again be proud of.