Services for Caregivers

  • One on one education
  • Spouse plus one education and support
  • Family education
  • Large group workshops


  • One on one education:  Veterans are tough people.  Many times they are self-sufficient and want to care for their families, not the other way around.  We teach the Veteran spouse/caregiver how to support their Veteran to get them the benefits and services they need in a language they can understand.  We bridge the communication gap in the home and educate the the spouse/caregiver on the many layers of benefits available and how to motivate the Veteran to pursue them.   The empowerment comes from the Alec’s Angel mentor who has been through the process and has a loved one that is a Veteran and can speak the language of the home and navigate the VA process.
  • Spouse plus one education and support:  Veteran spouses typically know their husbands/wives the most, because of daily interaction.  A Veteran can “stuff” or hide emotions and physical limitations, but the loved ones can see some of the struggles.  The spouse/caregiver needs adequate information and support to get their loved one into the correct office and to be fully prepared to be the voice that the Veteran needs.  In many cases, they also are eligible for benefits that they may know nothing about.  Our spouse plus one sessions are meant for the spouse/caregiver and another supportive family member to provide accountability and camaraderie.
  • Family education:  Families are everything to the Veteran.  Without adequate support and guidance from a loving family, a Veteran can easily find themselves in a crisis (homeless or suicidal in some cases).  Veteran families are usually unequipped to handle the intense emotions or situations that can happen after the military member returns from service.  We offer education, guidance, and resources for families and for the Veteran which include strategies for managing tough emotions and emergency resources for extreme situations.  Alec’s Angel nonprofit also gives basic tips on how to honor a Veteran through Patriotic support gestures.
  • Large group workshops:  Spouses/caregivers of military people are some of the most loving people around.  They are very proud of the military and their service member.  When the Veteran transitions from military to civilian life, it can be a tough process and can often last a lifetime.  Spouses/caregivers and families are the best advocates for their loved one, but often times need support.  Alec’s Angel nonprofit classes, workshops, and seminars offer substance to the life and home of the Veteran.  Topics may have a broad range and can include anything from light subject to deep topics.  We specialize in getting spouses/caregivers and families in large groups to impact an entire community to support their loved one.

Testimonial from a caregiver:

My father is a veteran whose house is in the process of being foreclosed on and who is having some challenges paying his bills.  He was feeling down and out and like he was running out of options.   Nissa Salas of Alec’s Angel nonprofit jumped right and offered some potential solutions to address his service connected injury issues and provided him with contacts to help with his both submitting his disability claims in his area.  She even went out of the way to make the calls on his behalf to get him connected to the right people at the VA hospital, and his local American Legion.  As a result, I took a trip to see him and to file for disability benefits.  I am so grateful that organizations like Alec’s Angel are available to veterans who feel like they have now where to turn to and am grateful to Nissa for the support and assistance she provided to my father!

 Sincerely LAH