How Does a Veteran End up in Crisis?

Caught your attention with the title of this post.  Granted, not all Veterans end up in a crisis, and not all need assistance.  We also know that an estimated 300,000 Veterans nationwide are homeless.  One out of five of homeless are underrepresented at the VA hospital and have injuries stemming from service that are not […]

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Veteran Suicide: 22 to 24 a Day

Veteran suicide is tragic and has now become a national topic (thanks to Veteran advocacy groups like 22Kill (, the Tattered Flag Project ( and others, and the American people are finally now aware that those impacted by war deserve understanding and advocacy. In decades past, the men that returned were once known to have […]

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Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is coming and you can’t miss the opportunity to thank our nations Veterans.  Long after the uniform comes off, our military members still deserve a “welcome home” and a heart-felt thanks for their service.  These brave men and women are special in that they gave up the luxuries that we enjoy for four […]

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Volunteering with Alec’s Angel

Have you ever given thought to volunteering with Alec’s Angel nonprofit?  Are you wanting to do more than just “thanking a Vet for service”?  Alec’s Angel volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization because they bring goodwill and the human touch in a world full of digital technology.  Today’s service connected disabled Veterans need that […]

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Raising the Voices of Women Veterans

Since before the Vietnam War, women have served actively in the United States military.  For far too long, their contributions have been unheard and overlooked.  Historically, men have served, and therefore Veteran causes and benefits have been aimed at and geared towards helping them to transition from active duty to civilian life.  Our nation is […]

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